Default keys

Adding keywords to Executor

There are several ways of adding keywords, these are:

Starting multiple keywords/urls/filesystem/programs etc. with one keyword or text input

"Programs" in drop-down/list

Special commands

Executor fixed input commands

Typing any of the following in the text input of Executor will do the following:

Executor fixed commands for keywords

Typing any of the following in the "command" field of a keyword will do the following.. Please note that there are already default keywords that use these commands, most of these keywords starts with "?" for example "?shutdown". But you can rename them as you like.

Integrated calculator

Keywords that might need a little explaining

Settings help

You can find a short description on all settings -> here <-.

Executor file command line parameters

Executor.exe takes the following command line parameters.

Hints & tips

Current limitations

Random notes

You can help! I'm not the best at writing documentation (programmers!=documentation), so if you have suggestions for what is missing or could be better described etc. Feel free to mail me.

Frequently asked questions

You can find more Executor tips here