Executor alpha skin type guide

Following is a brief description of how to build executor skin files of type alpha.

Best way to learn is probably to modify the already existing ones.

Property description

Basic properties Input (text edit field) properties Icon properties Title (keyword/program description) properties Drop-down button properties List properties Dropdown properties (if using dropdown instead of list)
Notes on properties

If you leave out a property in the skin file then the property will just remain the same as the users current settings. For example if you don't include fontname, fontsize in your skin, then the font will remain the same as the users current settings.


Compared to other skin types, skintype=alpha adjusts height and width of the skin from the skinpicture provided.

Some skin properties are only loaded once (one time) when you initially press the "browse" button and select the skin. This allows the user to later change some colors and other settings they may dislike. But when testing the skin you can press CTRL+F5 to reload the entire skin or in settings you should click "browse" and reload the skin to make sure all skin properties are reloaded.

If you want to make an older style none alpha channel skin you should follow THIS skin guide.

If any doubt, questions, or find this guide very incomplete, then please use the forums.

Notes on 32bit bitmap with alpha channel.

In photoshop you basically need to add an alpha channel and make sure you save the final result in 32bit bitmap with alpha. Here is a 32bit bitmap with alpha channel opened in photoshop that has both shadows and glass like effects, notice that the alpha channel express the transparency levels and the RGB channels the image without transparency. In photoshop you have some BMP advanced modes when saving the bmp (as seen in the screenshot) (A8R8G8B8 is 32bit alpha). The skin displayed here can be found in the forum.